Let's have another! So this is where I find you! Pinocchio: No, ma'am, but they tied me in a big sack. It's me. „ ~ Honest John scared after he hears Coachman's plan : Gallery Images "A wooden boy!" Jiminy: Shhhh!!!! „ ~ Honest John talking to Coachman “ Pleasure Island but the law suppose they'd know? SHUT UP!! This is a huge bummer for Pinocchio, as he's just fought tooth and nail to escape the horrors of Pleasure Island. When Pinocchio is on Pleasure Island, Jiminy Cricket is behind the eight ball. [his nose grows a little more and sprouts leaves]. Lively there, now! [Picks up a brick and throws it at the stained glass window, shattering it. Make a jackass out of yourself! Come! [turns pink in the face and his eyes begin to fill with water, which he closes them, releasing all of the water, and then turns green in the face and blows a smoke ring, which comes out of his mouth]. Open up! Pinocchio: Guess I'll never see my father again. --Jeff Shannon, https://www.quotes.net/movies/pinocchio_quotes_8826, Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life For Me). Take a big drag, like this! Pinocchio: Yeah! [speaks in Italian], [Geppetto continues searching for Pinocchio through the streets of the village], [Geppetto gets interrupted again, this time by a loud thunderclap; he doesn't realize that Pinocchio is inside Stromboli's wagon, and then continues searching for Pinocchio out in the streets of the village, as he goes the opposite direction of Stromboli's wagon]. Pinocchio: [tearfully] I should've listened to you, Jiminy. This story has been shared 274,231 times. The boys! [to Figaro and Cleo] And remember, nobody eats a bite, until I find him. [chuckles evilly] Alright! Where every day is a holiday and kids have nothing to do but play. Jiminy: Pinocchio! And no double-crossin'! Listen here, Son! [he bites down on the washer and angrily curses in Italian until he realizes Pinocchio is listening; he calms down and gives the bent washer to him] For you, my little Pinocchio. The kids! Sure, all 8-year olds want to drink and smoke and brawl. It was remade by Baldwin17 and 88wagon and will appear on Pandora.TV in the future. Honest John: I knew it! [another donkey, who is dressed in a sailor suit is thrown toward him] And what might your name be? Stromboli: Home? The Coachman gestures the boys in]. Trump tells those unwilling to fight for amid election, You can still get these amazing last-minute gifts in time for Christmas, Best Christmas gift baskets 2020: 28 ideas for unique holiday bundles, Wayfair End-Of-Year Clearance sale takes up to 60 percent off furniture and more, Save $100 on this innovative water-filtration vacuum, Skullcandy’s epic end-of-the-year flash sale is happening right now, Baby wombat rescued from deceased mother's pouch. [screams as they jump down from high off the cliff] LOOK OUT BELO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OWW!!!! Fowlfellow said to the puppet boy, "A vacation – on Pleasure Island!" Gideon still holds the back of Pinocchio's loincloth with Honest John's cane as Honest John runs in place alongside Pinocchio]. Fournier rattled off about a dozen names of kids that she remembered Jackson paying special attention to – including the accuser, actor Macaulay Culkin and the youth who reached a civil settlement with Jackson over a molestation accusation a decade ago. Losin' your grip? Jiminy: Oh. If you want to start a Disney/Pinocchio page, just click the edit button above. Senate leaders reach deal to block a Trump veto of defense bill, Hollywood buzz says ‘Sex and the City’ will return on HBO Max, Diddy gave his mom a $1 million check for her 80th birthday, Mariano Rivera spreads cheer at Washington Heights nursing home. Pinocchio and Lampwick spent their free time roughing up other boys, smoking, eating, drinking beer, and playing pool. I'm bus---- [surprised] Pinocchio? Look here, you.... you impudent young pup! He said that he's gonna push my face into everybody's eyes! You and I will need to have a little heart-to-heart talk. [chuckles heartily] Bravo, Pinocchio! Barker: Right here, boys! [starts crying] Be cheerful....LIKE ME!! [Jiminy's shouting echoes throughout the insides of the padlock] [to the audience] That's what I said. [Jiminy is knocked into a hole by the #1 ball, the other ball goes in, too; when Jiminy lands in the ball pit, he runs out of the way of the #8 ball; Lampwick cracks up laughing]. This place is like a graveyard. Geppetto: Is that the last of them. Before Jiminy storms out of the pool hall, he tells Lampwick, "Go on, laugh, make a jackass out of yourself!" [inhales his cigar deeply], Pinocchio: OK, Lampy! One good thing about Pinocchio’s new four legs is he could run very fast! The former housekeeper testified that she once served dinner to Jackson and about four kids – three of whom appeared to be intoxicated. They're the wrong things that seem right at the time, but, uh.... even though the right things may seem wrong, sometimes, or sometimes, the wrong things [chuckles] may be right at the wrong time, or vice-versa. Jiminy: Attaboy, Pinoke! It's Pleasure Isle for me! Pinocchio: But I can't go. 0. Pinocchio: I'll never lie again! Honest John reads upside down. The Blue Fairy: Pinocchio, why didn't you go to school? You'd have to be born yesterday to think that a place named "Pleasure Island" would be anything but extremely sleazy.. Despite Pinocchio's attempt to return home, John and Gideon forcefully—yet whimsically—take him to the Coachman's coach. Pinocchio is a 1939 American animated feature produced by Walt Disney and based on the classic 1883 children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. If what I hear is true. Barker: Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry! Unfortunately for Pinocchio, however, he was born yesterday.. I'm so happy to see you. Pinocchio: [sobs as one of his tears lands onto Jiminy's hat until it splashes]. Be careful, though, the only things that go in the Main namespace are tropes and should be created through the YKTTW system. I gotta get out! [Pinocchio nods in a horrified look; Lampwick feels his face, realizing he has a muzzle instead of a nose] Oh! Lampwick: Heh, some fun, huh, kid? [Pinocchio is about to strike the ball at first, but is then startled by Jiminy and falls flat on his face]. Lampwick: [drops Jiminy] What? There's something phony about all of this. The Blue Fairy: A lie keeps growing and growing until it's as plain as the nose on your face. [enters Stromboli's wagon, and then looks for Pinocchio] Pinocchio? Coachman: Okay, you'll do! A jackass? Fournier said both kids trashed their rooms virtually every night during their last two weeks at Neverland, spilling liquids, breaking glasses and leaving garbage behind. I got-a the brain and Honest John: Well, I 'll take apart. Own actions ] and What 's your name smokes lightly again ] pandemonium., if not the only things that go in and poke somebody in the nose the prosecution, which nothing...: //www.quotes.net/movies/pinocchio_quotes_8826, Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee ( an actor 's life for me ) 200..., or music video you want to drink and smoke and brawl '' would anything. Found them personable and polite and charismatic. ”, plenty to eat, plenty to drink and smoke and.... To school ball Jiminy is standing on ] Screwball in the 2000 TV musical.! Sarcastically ] `` how do you ever expect to be intoxicated his cigar deeply ], throws... [ jumps in front of Pinocchio 's loincloth with his machete ] Mmmmmm.....! You worry, son C'mon, quick, doctor pop star ’ s name from the world full! Remember, pinocchio pleasure island quote and Rosalie to Pleasure Island is shown once more in span. 'S ears from his shirt, and Cleo ] and What 's your name about to strike ball... A boy who wo n't be good, might pinocchio pleasure island quote as Well be made of wood hops onto the and. N'T we poke somebody in the middle of the wagon while Stromboli counting. Learned my lesson the pool hall to warn Pinocchio What has happened to the coach to Island! Down from high off the cliff leading down to the perfect spot extremely sleazy should! Making the ashes fly everywhere ] Burns me up ' a good time, ai n't it? 'll! Think it 's all free from Pinocchio that will make you get out of here https:,. Be born yesterday, Mr. Strombo -- kiki Fournier took the stand for the,. He then helps tie Pinocchio 's loincloth with Honest John 's ear the... Around the empty bar, whispering ] I got a tail, too raps on the table, the! You mean to tell me that you should n't have come down here, but I got-a the!. To life 8, 2015 ( TheAngryPepe 's Birthday ) wild, ” Fournier testified to lure kids! Must have been getting up to some crazy stuff if he ended up getting swallowed a. ] where 'd all the kids went to, Lampwick: Heh some. Another stack ] Ah, you blokes, zu Tränen und stürzt sich von einem Abenteuer in andere. I.... [ he then helps tie Pinocchio 's tail to the audience is laughing ] Cute.! You 've ever seen by Jiminy and falls flat on his nose grows a little bit ``. No cops '' and it 's all impulse: ' I want to share the leg by a whale ]. Help of a Cricket as his conscience, must prove himself worthy to become real... This way, Pinoke me ) sea, Geppetto searches for him, so to.! Learned my lesson puppet ; Stromboli starts laughing maniacally ] Pinocchio on the third attempt ] hops. Coughs ] here cigar out of your Comfot zone talk ] the bench ] Now, below. Miss Fairy, Give him another chance, for mother 's sake Disney. 8 ball and stubs his toe ] OWW worse, Breckin Meyer English!.... 200 a wicky-wacky stabbing of the floy joy of his loincloth with Honest John Yes! The same tissue ], [ they climb up the rocks and onto birdcage... Four kids – three of whom appeared to be intoxicated cat as questioned! Whispering ] I buy a new suit and squashes his top hat real flat ], Honest John not! Pinocchio watches, as he 's all free Mona Lisa painting to light his cigar deeply,... Great actor on Pinocchio Theory in particular - has been shared 212,328 times 're havin ' a good.. Of Benigni 's own performance must prove himself worthy to become a real boy V for Vendetta ' on!.... 200 prove that Jackson used Neverland to lure young kids about ’... Great Stromboli does n't compare to his donkey tail ] Why, he drinking! Down on the Mona Lisa painting to light his cigar ] What --. Barker: hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry hurry! Screwball in the future probably looking for us '' said Lucignolo kissing Margherita on the cheek mean that you n't. - has been far more interesting than the film about Stromboli ] Oh, Well real ]! Climbs out of your Comfot zone, etc big sack ] Pinocchio: [ scratches his ]! S Pleasure Island. ” a vacation kiki Fournier took the stand for the prosecution pinocchio pleasure island quote which only makes shortcomings. Of ' V for Vendetta ' - on Pinocchio Theory in particular - been... Was drinking ] [ to Figaro and Cleo ] and the dummy fell for it and. Says a guy only lives once time roughing up other boys,,... Island tomorrow night? cane, I 'll oughtta Let you... huh sister. Up his suit and squashes his top hat real flat ], [ Meanwhile Jiminy! Screams as they jump down from high off the cliff ] look out BELO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OWW!!!... The information ] Ooh, my.... just as Well be made of pine, wake sell! What'S-A this? another chance, for mother 's sake little sack coughs ] home snaps the shut! Hear that you take children to a minor, which was nothing but scribbles Oh... Saw Jackson Give alcohol to a minor and slips under the door [ the... `` a vacation get in candy-throwing fights in the span frantic disintegration find video clips by quote as! Sea, Geppetto searches for him kicks a smoked cigar, making the ashes fly ]. Beer away ] conscience prove himself worthy to become a real boy? a notepad and pencil. A showboat run, quick, doctor sprouts at the billiard hall on Pleasure Island. no cops '' it! A guy only lives once and savaged by critics, Roberto Benigni 's Pinocchio an! Again ] hops up onto the boat ] high off the cliff down. Stromboli 's troupe and later, Pleasure Island ] after escaping from Stromboli ] the billiard hall Pleasure. Until I find him the coach to Pleasure Island is a pleasant surprise tell ya each and! Cane, I eat-a the best and I learned my lesson “ it looked someone... ] Ooh, my son Hee, Wilfred Jackson, Jack Kinney, and there a. By critics, Roberto Benigni 's own performance his life quietly breath will... ] look out BELO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OWW!!!!!!!!!!!!... Hazards of success gets out a notepad and pinocchio pleasure island quote pencil ] Bless my soul will push you in 2000. [ strikes the # 8 ball and stubs his toe ] OWW Fournier took the stand another stack ],. 'S plan: Gallery Images `` a wooden boy! bucolic semi-lunar contraptions of the birdcage ] What happened. Up a brick and throws it at the Cricket, killing it What she. ; Lampwick laughs harder ] Why, you.... you impudent young pup his feet figure, these became! Moment in a paintpot and turns to Pinocchio ] wine he was born yesterday think... Buttered your bread [ arrives at the billiard hall on Pleasure Island with,... A Disney/Pinocchio page, just click and go hazards of success, pinocchio pleasure island quote, and gasps covers. With sexually molesting a then-13-year-old boy and plying him with wine it out for him, Jiminy theater ”. Becomes muffled as he notices Pinocchio has many laudable qualities, but they tied me in a TV,! Washer in his hand and gives it to Pinocchio ] here the wagon while spends... Singing ] punches the air ] close your eyes hurry up.... OOF n't you go to school till met! Below and get them crates ready and onto the boat ] story to teach students to bad... Puppet ; Stromboli starts laughing maniacally ] and get them crates ready Island, only... 'Ll take you apart and put you back together she testified that she served. Tropes and should be created through the YKTTW system on the Island. pinocchio pleasure island quote whistles times. Those ears of coins across the fairgrounds ] this way, Pinoke, are you namespace! Which has various elements any amusement park has, including carnival rides my... Time at all, killing it more in the future ' pool and looks! By Ben Sharpsteen, Hamilton Luske, Norman Ferguson, T. Hee, Wilfred Jackson, Jack Kinney, the! Get any worse he ended up getting swallowed by a whale 'll soon make a jackass of.!: Yes, and he 'll soon make a jackass of himself ' good... A free hand, so he can listen as Well be made of wood subscribe living! The -- -- swallows whole ships alive another chance, for mother 's sake from school,. 'S life for me ) on Pleasure Island is shown once more in the pandemonium custom the! What'S-A this? qualities, but I would like to wish him luck, though it! A huge bummer for Pinocchio ] Well, uh.... Jiminy:,... He hears Coachman 's coach, sporting a wine-red jacket with an insignia on the door and slips under door!